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Equipment Choices

The BCS two-wheel tractor is the heart of the BCS system. Based on our experience and that of our customers, it is essential to choose the correct tractor for your application.

We recommend that you consider both the type of work that you plan to do and the size of the area that you plan to work or cultivate.

You may find it helpful to consider the questions below. Based on the information you provide, we can prepare an estimate for the equipment that would best fit your application.

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    So that we can help you more effectively, please answer any of the following questions that apply:

    How do you plan to use BCS equipment?
    gardeninglandscapingsmall-scale farmingland maintenanceother

    What is the size of the area you plan to cultivate, if applicable?
    home garden (1/3 acre or less)market garden (more than 1/3 of an acre)

    In addition to tilling or cultivating, what other types of work do you plan to do with your BCS equipment?
    mowingclearinghaulingharvesting haylog splittingroad maintenanceother